6 negative effects of eating fast food essay

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Mental Effects of a Fast Food Diet

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Negative Effects of Over Eating

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5 Extremely Unhealthy Eating Habits to Avoid

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1. Fast Food - Leading Children Astray children start eating fast food as they grow up which is very dangerous. Prohibiting fast food places from locating near schools is one way to help children. In conclusion, unhealthy food is. There is a direct relationship between eating fast food or commercial baked goods (doughnuts, cakes, croissants) and the risk of developing depression, according to a recent study by scientists.

That includes most fast food, full-calorie sodas, processed snacks like chips and crackers, and anything with more milligrams of sodium than there are calories in a serving. Fast food has had a negative impact on Americans of all ages, especially children, as it has been linked to serious health problems ranging from obesity to diabetes.

Obesity According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, between 16 and 33. A diet high in fast food in those age 4 to 19 increases the risk for obesity, according to researchers who published a study in in “Pediatrics.” They found that children who ate fast food consumed more calories, more fat, more carbohydrates, more added sugars and more sugar-sweetened beverages than those who did not.

Fast food can be consumed at any time or some time twice or thrice a day, while home cooked food is served at proper time which provides opportunity to take rest after eating.

Waste of Money Fast food consumes too much money as compared to home prepared food.

6 negative effects of eating fast food essay
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