Is it smart to be smart essay

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After the analysis of the market, in55% of tv sales will be Smart TVs. n. p.). Remember that a person who is extremely subjective and cannot be objective is not smart and not being smart leads to loss of money (June.

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n. p.). Therefore, a person needs to be smart to become a millionaire (June. n. p.).

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Fourth, a person needs to know important technical terms in order to become a millionaire (June p. Apparently, they all sat down for 20 minutes, and every kid came up with ‘nice’, ‘smart’, and ‘smart’ again.

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In a book I edited entitled Why Smart People Can Be So Stupid (Yale University Press, ), I argued that smart people, and especially smart leaders -- including academic administrators -- are particularly susceptible to fallacies in thinking that promote foolish behavior.

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Is it smart to be smart essay
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