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Scholarships from Military Sources

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Scholarships from Military Sources

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Cut Your College Costs with Your Benefits. Every branch of the United States military offers some form of educational assistance for its enlisted personnel. The Scholarships for Military Children Program was created to recognize the contributions of military families to the readiness of the fighting force and to celebrate the role of the commissary in the military family community.

Central Texas College works with more than 25 military installations in the U.S. to offer educational opportunities to service members, their families and civilian employees.

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Apply. Before you apply, review your program application requirements. START YOUR APPLICATION. Military and Veterans. If you’re entering a non-nursing undergraduate program: skip the. After nearly 17 years of war, service members have seen plenty of patriotic displays but little public debate about why they’re fighting.

The opinion and editorial pages contain views and perspectives on military issues that are important to readers. Let us know what you think.

Military service essay
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Scholarships from the Military for Students, Veterans, and Family Members