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The Life of an Amorous Man

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Ihara Saikaku

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He was also a successful stylist who wrote in a clever, innovative style that was bothered by his contemporaries and followers. Saikaku was also a haikai poet, but The Life of an Amorous Woman is a selection of his short stories, taken from four works published between and These are engaging and make a pleasant entertainment — many end unhappily and there is some grit in their realism, but they are light-hearted, irreverent, ironic, and detached.

This essay reconsiders the motivations and results of the “rediscovery” of the author Ihara Saikaku in the Meiji period. Conventionally, the reevaluation of Saikaku is seen as a nationalist. Do you believe Saikaku meant to extol the virtues of love in the face of hardship, did Saikaku mean this as a cautionary tale, or do you have a different interpretation of the story entirely?

Take a position and identify at least three examples in the text that support your ideas.

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Essay One [Is the narrator in “Life of A Sensuous Woman” penitent or proud? Does she display regret to the two men who came to her hunt for advice, or is she bragging?] Throughout the story the narrator describes several intimate moments she has shared with men in her past, which is seemingly braggadocios, but as it continues, it’s actually about a woman who desires to love herself.

Ihara Saikaku Life Of A Sensuous Woman. The story touches upon a preconceived notion in which men are able to sleep with as many women as they want, but when the roles are flipped women are looked upon with disgust.

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