Telemental health collaboration protocol essay

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Digital Ethics, HIPAA, & TeleMental Health

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Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) deliver care to 26 million Americans living in underserved areas, but few offer telemental health (TMH) services. The social missions of FQHCs and publicly funded state medical schools create a compelling argument for the development of TMH partnerships.

Telemental health is a potential avenue for addressing these health care disparities by allowing clinicians with appropriate training to reach patients that typically experience difficulty accessing services (Germain, Marchand, Bouchard, Drouin, & Guay, ; Bose, McLauren, Riley, & Mohammedali, ).

Thus, the purpose of this article is to. Marlene M. Maheu, PhD. Dr. Marlene Maheu started delivering her first telehealth service in Donned the “telepsychology visionary” by former APA President Pat DeLeon, PhD, JD, MPH, she is a consultant, researcher, author, and trainer.

July 05, - The American Telemedicine Association is giving much of the nation a good grade for its support of telemental health. Eight states have received an A in the ATA’s latest state-by-state analysis of telehealth standards and licensure, released in June, while one state – Colorado – flunked.

Ethics Codes on TeleMental Health. Codes of Ethics of Major Professional Associations on TeleMental Health, E-Therapy, Digital Ethics, & Social Media; TeleMental Health Guidelines.

Guidelines on Best Practices for Videoconferencing-Based Telemental Health by APA and ATA. All sessions were audiotaped and reviewed weekly by the treatment supervisor to monitor competence and adherence to treatment protocol.

The CPGs apply to telemental health (TMH) services provided through videoconferencing-based technologies including mobile devices such as .

Telemental health collaboration protocol essay
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